Monday 30 January 2023
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Cryptography is a technique used to secure a communication by only allowing the sender and receiver to read and process the information. It blocks any third party to viewing the actual message.

Although cryptography has been around for ages, the evolution of technology brought about different variations of it.

Some of the common and well known cryptography techniques include dots and dashes, hiding message within an image, replacing characters with numbers or special characters to make it appear as gibberish to any third party.

This process of converting the original readable message into one which is unreadable by a third party is known as encryption. While the process of converting the encrypted unreadable message to one that is readable is called decryption.

The individuals who are experts in the field or practicing cryptography are known as cryptographers.

The modern cryptography involves study in various fields which include:

  1. Symmetric Key Cryptography – The send and the receiver both share the same key.
  2. Public-Key cryptography – In Public-key cryptography, the encryption key is freely distributed, however the decryption key must remain private.
  3. Cryptanalysis – Cryptanalysis is the method of studying the ciphers and ciphertexts in order to find a weakness and thus crack the cipher or ciphertext.
  4. Cryptographic Primitives – These are algorithms which are used to build the cryptography protocols for security purposes.
  5. Cryptosystems – Cryptosystem is a suite of algorithms, specifically three that includes one for key generation, one for encryption and one for decryption.

Cryptography is the most essential part of any communication between two businesses and business to clients and vice versa. Modern technology has seen an evolution of a lot of different types of algorithms that businesses can take advantage of.