Thursday 8 December 2022
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Top 3 Biggest Information Security Threats

Today, the growth of technology has improved internet connectivity, which has, in turn, allowed more creativity in business than ever before, including black market. Cyber criminals are always coming up with new ways to access the most sensitive networks in the world. This has, in turn, posed the biggest threats to information security.

No industry is safe from cyber criminals. Therefore, every business enterprise must do everything it can to secure its information systems with state-of-the-art security systems that have been proven to be hack-proof. The following are the top 3 information security threats.

Social media attacks

Today, cybercriminals are using social media as the means to spread a complex geographical attack known as water holding. The attackers map out some websites which are visited by their targets and then infect them with viruses.  

Mobile malware

Security experts have been monitoring this risk since the introduction of mobile devices with internet connection. As Gardner Video Production in Toronto intimates, today’s generation loves to be online watching videos in various social media sites, making smartphones an obvious target for hackers who want to attack individuals or business organizations through their employees.

Today, hackers have devised ways to deploy malware attacks using mobile phones, and this is something of great concern to many users. This has, in turn, created a catastrophic threat to mobile users as reliance on mobile phones continues to increase.

Social engineering

Hackers are aware that their penetration methods have a shelf life. That’s why they have developed a very reliable non-technical method, which they can rely on. This method is known as social engineering, and it is mostly used for psychological manipulation and social interaction to gain access to private data. Social engineering is unpredictable and very effective.

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