Monday 30 January 2023
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Reasons Why Tableau Rocks

Tableau is revolutionary data visualization software which was developed by Tableau Software. Tableau connects very easily with nearly all data sources. Some of these data sources include web-based data, corporate data warehouses, and Microsoft Excel.

It transforms data into visually engaging and interactive visualizations which are commonly known as dashboards, thus allowing instant data insights. The process is determined by the size of the data and takes the shortest time possible. This is achieved through the use of easy to drag-and-drop interface.

Entrance Tableau Consulting has data analysts who love working with this software and would be more than glad to help you incorporate it in your internal business system. Here are a number of reasons why you should use Tableau for your business:

Tableau assists in data discovery

Tableau products have completely transformed the way people rely on data to solve problems. It makes data analysis faster and easy, and the results are usually enlightening and useful.

That’s why it has gained a lot of interest from business users. Also, groups which were not using BI tools initially are beginning to adopt the software. Even journalists are using the software to publish their stories.

Tableau has completely transformed the way big data is handled. With Tableau, it doesn’t require IT assistance to access and analyze data. Employees across all levels in the organization can access data very easily.

Making data accessible to the public allows people to think and act quickly. This brings openness and improves the speed of making decisions which are based on facts.

The software is diverse

Different businesses have different kinds of needs and Tableau offers many options which can assist in solving the problems.

Tableau Desktop is a tool designed for individual users. This application can be found in computers for personal use. The application can be used to publish data sources, create data visualizations as well as workbooks to Tableau Server.

There is also a solution for businesses. They can use Tableau Server – which was designed to assist in collaboration and improve the security of data visualizations.

The data can be retrieved from any location and shared within the entire organization through mobile browsers and desktop. There are apps for the different mobile platforms, that is, Android and iOS platforms. Tableau Server is also an on-site solution.

Tableau Online provides online server solution. It reduces the need for advanced IT infrastructure and support. However, it is not suitable for enterprise-sized organizations.

It’s the best software for creating visual dashboards

Tableau products designers normally keep in mind the ease of use. What differentiates Tableau from other self-service BI tools are the self-service analytics and the quality of data visualizations. The software has set very high standards for self-service BI tools.

Tableau leverages the power of database

You can easily leverage the power of database while using Tableau. The software assists you to improve the query performance. In addition, it has adequate inbuilt loading, transformation and extraction features.

These features can assist you to join, blend, split or change data types. You can additionally create data sets, groups or bins. This means that if you already have Tableau, you don’t have to invest in separate ETL solution.

You don’t need to do any coding

Almost all functionalities in Tableau can be done through drag and drop, so you are not required to do any coding. It has an inbuilt table calculation which allows you to add sophisticated analysis with a click of a mouse.

Additionally, Tableau integrates with programming languages like Python and R and this can bring great help in the data science field.

Tableau has proved to have satisfied its users

Tableau users are usually very happy and satisfied with the software. Based on the results from the annual Gartner Research on BI and analytics tools, Tableau has been considered as a success. This is because of its capabilities to deliver solutions which are very user-friendly. Customers always give positive and feedback about the tool.

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