Thursday 8 December 2022
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How to Get Business Executives to Support Information Security

Many information security professionals are normally frustrated because of the reasons management gives as to why they couldn’t listen to them. The main reason behind this is that the management doesn’t see any benefit of information security rather than lacking the mental capacity.


Why is information security critical? Why should business executives invest in information security? This is the only way to win their attention. Otherwise, your suggestions and proposals will be perceived as something irrelevant to the company. These benefits should not be presented from an IT or security point of view, they should be submitted from a business perspective.


The benefits of information security usually come from the following: decreasing costs, marketing edge, compliance and optimizing business edge. Your company may not enjoy all these benefits at the same time, but you should identify the ones that can make a difference in your company.


Present these benefits of information security to your company’s executive and chances are the leadership will buy the idea of outsourcing IT support from Acrodex IT support or other firms in this niche.




IT professionals can tout their cyber security projects as having complied with all identified requirements. This can only happen if they have any law or regulation, or a contractual requirement related to information security.


Complying with such requirements means that one cannot omit important things when implementing information security. This comes with peace of mind as the IT professionals know that they will in no way be penalized for anything.


Additionally, if the cyber security’s implementation framework is chosen wisely, less time is spent during the implementation of all the safeguards as opposed to when you fail to have such approach.


Marketing Edge


Information security and marketing don’t seem to have much in common unless one is selling information security tools or consulting services. However, it is important to prove to clients that you can safely handle their information.


The best way to do this is through the certification processes. However, in some situations, one doesn’t need a certificate. If your clients are large organizations, you can ask them to send an audit team to determine if the services you offer are exemplary.


If you can prove that you can protect your clients’ information, marketing edge can assist your company to get new clients.


Decreasing the costs


Prevention is the underlying philosophy of information security; that is, invest now and save later. Information security can also be considered as an insurance policy; pay now to avoid the consequences of some incident later.


It is important to ensure that information security investments do not exceed the costs of the incidents you are aiming to prevent. The main issue here is how you can achieve ROI from cyber security.  


Optimizing the business process


It’s hard to find an organization where everything is running smoothly, and such situations are normally temporary. Companies which do not have a clear internal organization structure have higher cyber security risks. Many growing companies didn’t have the time to sit back and develop strategies for optimizing their internal process.


Consequently, the companies don’t have specific people authorized to make certain decisions.  This leads to time wastage as employees struggle to fill certain loopholes, thus robbing them valuable time.


Implementing information security means that working procedures are clearly defined, and your company’s processes are optimized. This means that sorting out of your business will cover a wider area than security processes only.


How to determine the benefits


Fitting one of these benefits into the company’s strategy can be the best option. If you link your company’s objectives and the information security benefits, the company executives can have a different idea. This is not an impossible task if you think carefully before presenting it to the management.


Defining benefits which could fit different departments in the organization is vital. Trying to explain to the departmental heads how information security will positively impact their departments can help improve their commitment towards the course.


So, to get executive support means that you have to think outside the box regarding information security and its benefits. And instead of thinking in tech terms, you start thinking and talking in business terms.