Thursday 8 December 2022
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Cyber Security Certifications

IT professionals with experience and knowledge in cyber-security are being sought day in day out by businesses of all kind. Many organizations across all industries are susceptible to cyber-attacks because there is a shortage of skilled cybersecurity professionals and the degree of severity in this situation is very high.

Professionals with skills in intrusion detection, software development and attack mitigation are the ones being sought most. The demand for people with “soft skills” like communication and collaboration is lower in IT security compared to general IT.

Lack of enough training for cyber-security professionals is partly responsible for the shortage of the professionals. Many companies are looking for people with a degree in the IT field, but that doesn’t mean the people they hire are competent and have the necessary skills.

Professional certifications and experience are valued more than degrees when it comes to hiring cyber-security professionals. Hacking competitions are used by some IT recruiters to select people with the right skills.

Individuals with professional certifications are always valuable. This is not determined by whether they are new entrants to the IT field or experienced cyber-security practitioners.

This article will highlight some of the certifications available for IT professionals looking to improve their cyber-security skills.  These certifications cover a broad range of skills and are offered by different organizations.

GIAC Security Essentials (GSEC)

Global Information Assurance Certification (GIAC) is known globally for developing and providing of cyber security certifications. GIAC is recognized by governments, military institutions and industry leaders.

Individuals are tested and approved by GIAC according to their abilities in software security, security administration, management and forensics amongst other areas.

Candidates who want to showcase their skills in the roles IT systems on security are well suited for this certification.

The ideal candidates for this certification should have a deeper understanding of information security beyond simple terminology and concepts.

Certified Information Systems Security Professional

Also known as ISC2, its certifications are globally recognized as the best for educating and certifying information security professionals. Areas covered by the ISC2 certification include software development, system security, information security healthcare, forensics and authorization.

CISSP – Certified Information Systems Security Professional and SSCP – Security Certified Practitioner is the two certifications awarded in ISC2.

Candidates with interest in information security field are the ones suited by this certification.

However, candidates who can define the information system architecture, management, design and controls used to assure security for business operating environments are the ideal ones for this certification.

Certified Information Systems Auditor

The former Information Systems Audit and Control (ISACA) offer the CISA certification. A CISA certification is awarded to those who control, monitor, assess and audit IT and business systems.

Before you earn the certificate, you should demonstrate that you have auditing skills and the capability to assess weaknesses.

Also, you should be able to establish controls and generate reports for business’ compliance on required IT regulations. Before you apply for the CISA certification, you must successfully clear the CISA exam.

Harvard extension school cyber-security certificate

The cyber-security certificate offered by Harvard University Extension School is designed to help students understand threats and weaknesses in the cyber-security space.

This certification program enables the students to have a broad knowledge of tools and protocols required to manage security technologies

The program which consists of four courses is taken within one and half years. Some of the areas which students focus on include communications technology, risk mitigation, data network device, information security risks and how to design enterprise information security policies. There are no requirements for one to register for the program.

CompTIA Security+

This certification proves that an IT professional has demonstrated the ability and skills to secure a corporate network and protect it from hackers. It’s very important to adopt effective security practices given the large volumes of corporate data generated by businesses.

This certification program is a good choice for professionals with entry-level experience because it focuses on several key concepts in the security field.