Monday 30 January 2023
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Commercial HVAC Maintenance Tips

HVAC is a must-have accessory in your commercial building be it your office or business enterprise. It is critical in promoting the health of workers by creating a conducive working environment, improving productivity and protecting your products from destruction. Putting up the Heating, ventilation and air conditioning system can be a costly undertaking eating much into your capital.

However, it is a worthwhile investment. It will only be fair that your system maintains optimal function and good working condition to safe you of accruing further costs in replacement and repairs. Maintenance is the way to go. Furthermore, support will help you cut off the electricity bill worry associated with the operation of HVAC. Therefore, you can get higher profits.

Doing regular maintenance on your heating system and A/C unit will maintain your system in proper working condition. Also, you will save much money in the process. Preventative maintenance should be done as regular as possible. Sometimes, when to do maintenance will depend on the particular specifications of the system. Besides, prevailing seasonal conditions will also direct you on when to do maintenance. By implementing the HVAC maintenance tips listed below, you will save a great deal and streamline operations in your enterprise.

  • Regularly replace air filters to enhance efficiency and cost-effectiveness

HVAC filters will accumulate dirt with time as it prevents the dust from getting into your system. This type of dirt in large quantities can block air flow in the system. You can imagine the disservice it can do to your body. Resultantly, the dust in the air filters will cause the system to overwork in efforts to create passages.

Such will lead to poor indoor air quality and also overwork the system hence inflating the power bills. All these will adversely affect your business and deter your commercial goals. It is advisable that you check the HVAC filters every three months. If possible, a monthly change of the air filters will be justice to your system. You will reduce your energy cost by 5-10% and save much more in evading repairs and replacements. Sounds a good deal for your business?

  • Look for leaking ductworks and seal them

A leaking system is good for nothing. They will warm the air and do the necessary modifications, but this impact is never felt by your workers hence no comfort guarantee. Leaking ductwork can also result in problems of the insulation of the system thus effects from the outside, this is why Airfixture Raised Access Floors are a popular choice.. Sealing the heating and cooling ducts can improve the overall system efficiency by more than 20%. It is possible to seal the ducts using mastic, blown-in duct sealants or foil tapes. After that, you can wrap the pipes to ensure optimal insulation of the ducts.

The unprotected areas of the system should be of great consideration since they are most affected by leaks. A qualified HVAC profession will be able to detect such leaks during inspections.

  • Schedule a preventative maintenance practice

Regular professional maintenance is critical in helping in the operation with different machines and Heating systems, and A/C units are no exception. Support is essential for ensuring top performance and saving costs. Also, quality maintenance will help you stop wasting energy due to substandard, aging and faulty equipment.

During the process of maintenance, the expert will do inspections to check on the status of various components. Safety components, ductworks, lubricants, and refrigerant charges should be considered. It is appropriate that you do maintenance at least twice in a year.

Having a proactive approach in preventative maintenance will help you save up to 40% in repairs and replacements. It would help if you worked on a way of getting a technician to work on your HVAC systems. With proper maintenance, you will avoid breakdown and ensure optimal production and productivity.

  • Clear the area around the outdoor units

Airflow around the HVAC unit should be open to ensure that optimal function of the system.  You can ensure the proper working of the system; you should trim the vegetation around the system. Proper air flow and circulation are paramount to provide comfort in your workplace.

Removing debris around the unit will avoid clogging of your vents hence make the cooling system work well. Restricted airflow due to crowding of various elements will also deter quality air from getting into your premises. Create some space for the unit. Shade will also help protect your HVAC from adverse climatic conditions.

  • Control thermostat or install a programmable thermostat

What are the appropriate temperatures to have in your commercial building? Well, some products will require different temperatures at different times of the day. You will sometimes have to keep changing the temperatures. Getting a programmable thermostat will save you of the burden to continue monitoring and tailoring temperatures as per needs. A programmable thermostat should be a priority in your work environment.

An investment in temperature regulation will help you get your products in shape without straining your needs. Some 7-day models will regulate the temperatures for the given period. Getting a calibrated thermostat will improve efficiency to make the tenants comfortable. Switching temperatures will also help you save money on bills and direct the same to enhance productivity.

  • Adjust the supply registers

Your supply register is essential in giving comfort to your employees. Altering the supply register with need will help you get the optimal conditions that will help you. Since hot air rises while cold air descends then, you can’t place the supply registers can never remain in the same shape. Sticking to the same level of airflow, will damage your system or deter the operation of the HVAC in your business. Commercial HVAC adjustments by either opening a few vents or closing others will help you increase efficiency.

If you keep having problems with your HVAC system, then you can replace parts of the system to enhance work. If that doesn’t provide a solution, you will need a replacement with new equipment that is more efficient and sustainable.

It is a cumbersome role, and it is time that you let a team of technician form a reputable HVAC company do the job.