Thursday 8 December 2022
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Characteristics of a Robust Access Control System

Access controls systems are designed to keep any premises such as businesses and residential ones secure, by prohibiting unauthorized access to the facilities. They can be stand-alone or fully integrated solutions, that grant or deny access to a given facility, based on the set requirements that must be met by any persons getting into the premises.

Currently, there are dozens of access control systems in the security market which various businesses and households can choose to implement. A few indicators of the right one to embrace, among the many that the market offers include:

Ability to combine a two or more identification procedures where needful

Different access control systems have different identification procedures such as smart card identification, proximity identification, biometric identification, and mobile access identification.

A good access control system should be at a position two offer at least two or more identification procedures. For example, offering card access control systems & solutions, together with mobile access or biometric identification, can make an excellent control system.

Combining two or more identification protocols means that the system can easily be upgraded to the security needs of a given premises. If the sign-in procedures are to be beefed up, the system will still be rendered useful as it can be tuned to provide more security requirements.

Ability to integrate with other existing access control systems

Every building has some level of security solution already installed in place. One of the biggest questions that their owners would want addressed concerns the level by which their already existing solutions can blend with the newly anticipated access control system.

On a different note, integration also covers aesthetics. A commendable access control system should match or even surpass the levels of aesthetics already in place at the premises in which it will be installed. This will avoid giving the owners who might be so much into aesthetics, a second thought.

Fast response with limited human interactions

Technology is aimed at making work easier through efficiency in how work is carried out as well as saving time. A robust access control system should, therefore, be at a position to fast credential and grant access the right individuals, in addition to fast denying access to restricted individuals with minimal human interactions. It should also be quick at detecting breaches and raising alarms as soon as they are registered.

Long warranties periods

A manufacturer confident enough with the functionality and quality of a product will be willing to offer long periods of warranties to customers. The confidence instilled by long warranties assures the buyers of both  quality and functionality of the access control system they are looking forward to installing. A keen attention should be given to systems with consciously short periods of warranties, since they might pose heavy losses to the buyers once they fail.

In encapsulation, robust access control systems should be able to fast adjust to the security requirements of a premises, in addition to being user-friendly. They should answer a few basic questions which include; Who should enter a building? Where can he or she go within the building? When can he or she enter the premises? and , how  can he or she will enter the premises?